FLASR Introduces NASCAR Inspired Tobacco Flask

Reed Sorenson No. 36 branded pocketsize spittoon ideal for racing fans ATLANTA-(BUSINESS WIRE)-FLASR, the creator of the original 4-oz. pocketsize, portable spittoon, today announced that a special edition Reed Sorenson No. 36 branded bottle is now... read more

Summertime & Spit Happens

Summertime. Brings a smile to the face. All the different events that get added to the social list bring joy to many. Outdoor activities are aplenty, and a old-fashioned spit bottle or dip cup just won’t do! For one, it makes many uneasy, just seeing a clear... read more

FLASR and the Art of Sealing the Automotive Deal

As a logistics officer in the U.S. Air Force, I spend much of my time shuffling papers and arranging for deliveries and shipments to air bases around the world. My duties include handling transportation arrangements for small and large-scale deployments. I like to... read more

A Physical Therapist Discreetly Enjoys Smokeless Tobacco

As a physical therapist in the Austin area, I spend a great deal of time working with victims of accidents involving car crashes and with patients injured on the job and undergoing the required therapy for workers compensation. My first encounter with these patients... read more

Marine Biologists Need FLASR Too

As a marine biologist, one of the most interesting parts of my job is tagging sharks in the Gulf of Mexico to track their movements and to measure their ongoing growth. Some of the sharks in the Gulf are pretty big; we have seen specimens that reached more than 12... read more

Fountains of What?

As an architect living and working in Texas, I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas that I can incorporate into my daily work. Each of the major cities in Texas have their own unique architectural flavor, and everything from the old Spanish missions to modern... read more

Cowboying Up

The western movie has changed a lot since I was a kid. Back then, anything with Clint Eastwood and a horse pretty much guaranteed a couple of hours of pure escapism. Sometimes I think about the life of a cowboy, riding the range and leading a life that was simpler and... read more