FLASR Upgrades to OTCQB® Venture Market

ATLANTA (March 17, 2015) – FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR), the 4-oz. pocketsize, portable spittoon for smokeless tobacco users, today announced its publicly traded shares are now being quoted on the OTCQB® Market. OTCQB is an upgraded market tier for engaged and investor-focused companies like FLASR, which formerly traded on OTC Pink.

A venture stage marketplace, OTCQB is aimed at providing investors transparent trading in early stage and developing U.S. and international companies. Companies are required to stay current in their Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or alternative reporting, and must undergo annual verification and management certification processes.

“Moving to this well-regulated marketplace with higher financial standards offers increased transparency for investors and shareholders, and perfectly aligns with FLASR’s business plan,” said Everett Dickson, CEO of FLASR. “Trading on OTCQB is an exciting development for FLASR as we continue to grow with the industry.”

FLASR’s growth has been evident. The company recently embarked on a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign to help drive sales for the portable spittoon. In four months, the company has announced five major partnerships, including Product and Service Distribution Technologies (PSDT), an international marketing company that reaches 85 percent of retail outlets in the U.S. and a sponsorship of alligator hunter and former History Channel “Swamp People” star T-Roy Broussard.

Market value for the smokeless tobacco industry has recently been estimated at $6.2 billion. FLASR is capturing a large segment of moist tobacco users by responding to steadily rising demand for smokeless tobacco products including snuff, dip, chew and more.

FLASRs are designed for one-handed ease of use, ideal for sporting events, hunting, fishing and more. Featuring the exclusive Thumb-Lok Twist Cap locking mechanism, FLASR virtually eliminates spills and leaks.

Investors can view stock quotes, company filings, press releases, and other important information about FLASR at http://www.otcmarkets.com. For more information about the company or to purchase a FLASR, visit FLASR.com or call 1-800-476-5608.


Based in Atlanta, FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR) is a first-of-its-kind tobacco accessory producer, targeting moist snuff users in the U.S. Founded in 2012, the company thoroughly researched this growing industry and recognized the need for more discreet and convenient disposal of moist tobacco by-product. The result is FLASR’s 4-oz. pocket-size, portable tobacco flask, with unique bottle designs and revolutionary Thumb-Lok Twist Cap. Visit FLASR.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.