Flasr - Portable Spittoon

Jungle Camo (Grn) Tobacco Flask, Portable Spittoon - pocket sized, one hand operation Original FlasrDesert Camo FlasrFull Line

FLASR – Noun \flasr, flasr\

Definition of FLASR: a broad flattened necked vessel used especially to contain moist tobacco bi-product.

The FLASR was built by tobacco users for tobacco users. The flasr features a one handed operation, so you can pull it out of your pocket, twist the top with your thumb and "do what you do." The twist cap is a one of kind engineering marvel. We didn't realize when we set out to build the perfect tobacco companion how much engineering is needed to make sure this thing never leaks and is easy to open. After countless hours of testing, hundreds of prototypes…we have the perfect use everywhere, go anywhere tobacco accessory.

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1. Make it look good – Our first release of colors include 3 of our favorite,  coming soon we will have sports teams, outdoor themes, racing teams, unique designs…and even the ability to create your own personalized version.

2. Make it work – We use our FLASR every day. Car, warehouse, office, golf course, travel…it had to be portable and it had to work. Use it a while, toss it, get a new one.

3. Make it easy – The FLASR is used with one hand. You can palm it, twist the top and empty your mouth in 1 smooth motion.